Dalmatia and Lika

Dalmatia and Lika
Near Dubrovnik

Kingdom of natural wonders Croatia, especially Dalmatia and Lika, definitely are our favourite holiday destination when it comes to travel by car, because there you can find everything your heart desires - wonderful nature, sun, mountains, waterfalls, beaches, interesting tourist attractions, etc. In addition, this is a very safe country for travellers with a developed infrastructure, where the care of tourists is not only described in travel booklets, but really exists in real life. Of course, it's not a cheap country, but for your money you can get what you've been expecting. The Croatian National Tourist Board has a very…

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Around Dalmatia

Around Dalmatia
Dubrovnik city walls

The ancient city of Dubrovnik While traveling around Dalmatia, we visited the city of Dubrovnik, called the pearl of the Adriatic. Dubrovnik is one of the most impressive cities in Europe. By that I do not mean its size, but rather feelings. When you walk along the city walls and the ancient streets, you get a feeling that you returned to ancient times, because the surrounding architecture has practically not changed over the centuries. Dubrovnik's Old Town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. This city is one of the most visited destinations on the Adriatic coast, although…

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Real paradise on earth This was a very short and exciting trip in June 2010. The trip to Sardinia island, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, lasted only 4 days, although, considering that the sun is shining all day long in Sardinia, the sea is beautiful, and nature pampers everybody with warm evenings – even two weeks may be too short to enjoy all this beauty. Sardinia could be a place to return to again and again. Arrival to Sardinia We arrived at Alghero Airport on a Ryanair flight from Frankfurt. At the airport we immediately picked up a…

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Italian cooking classes in Rome

This experience was part of our trip to Italian capital city Rome. After returning from our one-day long trip to Vesuvius, we had one more major attraction booked - cooking classes in Italian restaurant. Almost everybody around the world knows Italian food. Italian cuisine has been developing since ancient times and has spread around the world until nowadays. One of the main characteristics of Italian dishes is that it is usually simple to prepare a meal because just a few main ingredients (often two to four) are normally used. However, Italy is large country and the same dish may be…

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Central Italy

Rome, Umbria and Vesuvius This was short trip, together with friends, to Umbria and Vesuvius in the second part of November, 2009 . We arrived to Rome by plane. In advance, we agreed rent of apartment in the centre of the city. Apartment was located just a few hundred meters from Vatican City, river Tiber and very close to many other attractions. A few days after arrival, we rented a car to reach another points of interest outside of Rome - Vesuvius, caves of stalactites and to taste some Italian food in countryside. Italian capital Rome We were lucky with…

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Verona, Sirmione and lake Garda

Verona One day, the weather in the Alps was extremely foggy and rainy, so we decided to go in southern direction to look for sun. In a such way, in a few hours, we reached Verona. Without any special plans for this visit, we found one of the most popular sites of Verona - amphitheatre. Verona, with a bit more than quarter of million inhabitants, is the second largest city municipality in the Veneto region and the third largest in northeast Italy. Between 13th and 14th centuries, Verona experienced great prosperity, becoming powerful and rich; famous William Shakespeare's play Romeo…

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Dolomite Alps and South Tyrol

In the middle of July, 2008 we went to Northern Italy to see once again Italian Alps. To start our journey around Dolomites, we arrived at Bergamo Orio Al Serio airport, at the airport picked up our Fiat (it was booked in advance, we used Economy Car Rentals as usual) and went to the mountains. Our temporary residence for about a week in Italian Alps was supposed to be a small mountain village Canazei where we got nice apartment for very good price. Accommodation in Italian Alps From Bergamo we went to the East and then, after passing Garda Lake,…

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Seafood specialities in Montenegro

Seafood in Montenegro During our vacation, we obviously enjoyed a lot of seafood in Montenegro and local wine of course. Especially, we were excited about buying fresh seafood on the shore from fishermen and preparing our (not anymore their) catch at home. In my opinion, there are more tasty oysters in neighbouring Croatia, however the taste of mussels from Bay of Kotor outperforms many regions offering similar production. In local warehouses it was possible to buy different kind of seafood (and the price was excellent indeed). It was real celebration of summer every evening in Montenegro all week long. Seafood…

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