Around Tenerife

When we were planning our trip to Tenerife, we already knew that around this time there is an annual Tenerife Carnival, which is the second largest in the world after the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. After visiting Loro Park, we went to the centre of Puerto de la Cruz to see what was going on there. And it was really impressive! The city streets were full of people in carnival costumes; fun, joy and music was all around. So, we…

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Tenerife in Febuary

Sunny beaches in February It's a fantastic feeling - after the darkest winter months, in February to enjoy the sun and ocean waves! In the second half of February, we went with friends to one of the islands of the Canary Archipelago - Tenerife. Tenerife - this holiday destination is chosen by more than 5 million tourists every year, so our choice was not accidental. Although, the hot season in Tenerife does not start in February , it has its…

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Trapani, Sicily

These travel notes are related to our trip to southern Italy, eastern Sicily and Etna. About Sicily Sicily is one of Italy's regions and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its territory is almost 26 thousand square kilometres (ten thousand square miles) and is similar to the size of such countries as North Macedonia and Albania. Almost five million people live in Sicily, which is about 8% of all Italian population. Unlike nowadays, Sicily has been very rich and powerful…

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East of Sicily

East of Sicily
Noto, east Sicily

Visiting east of Sicily was a part of our trip to  southern Italy  and Etna. Arrival to Sicily We arrived to Sicilian town Messina on a ferry from Villa San Giovanny Imbrachi late in the evening. Messina id the third biggest city of Sicily. Crossing was pretty quick as there are only about ten kilometres between these towns by the sea. We might be very lucky as immediately after arrival at ferry port we got tickets and boarded the ferry…

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Mount Etna in Sicily

Mount Etna in Sicily
Mount Etna, Sicily

Visiting Etna volcano was a part of our trip to southern Italy and Sicily. Location and basic facts Mount Etna is an active volcano located in the eastern part of the largest Italian island Sicily, near Catania city. As many other active volcanos, it is located in the area between two large geological plates, Eurasian Plate and African plate in this case. Etna is active almost all the time. Height of Mount Etna is 3350 metres (10,900 ft) above the…

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Southern Italy

Southern Italy Visiting Southern Italy was one of the most psychologically difficult journeys. Why? Hard to even say. Perhaps, the approaching winter, the self-sufficiency of the Sicilians, the harsh climate of Sicily and the landscapes around with territories delimited. In any case, we had hoped for more than we experienced visiting several regions of the country. We decided to go to Sicily later again to understand this and experience more olive oil, pasta, and pizza. And who knows what else.…

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Dalmatia and Lika

Dalmatia and Lika
Near Dubrovnik

Kingdom of natural wonders Croatia, especially Dalmatia and Lika, definitely are our favourite holiday destination when it comes to travel by car, because there you can find everything your heart desires - wonderful nature, sun, mountains, waterfalls, beaches, interesting tourist attractions, etc. In addition, this is a very safe country for travellers with a developed infrastructure, where the care of tourists is not only described in travel booklets, but really exists in real life. Of course, it's not a cheap…

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Around Dalmatia

Around Dalmatia
Dubrovnik city walls

The ancient city of Dubrovnik While traveling around Dalmatia, we visited the city of Dubrovnik, called the pearl of the Adriatic. Dubrovnik is one of the most impressive cities in Europe. By that I do not mean its size, but rather feelings. When you walk along the city walls and the ancient streets, you get a feeling that you returned to ancient times, because the surrounding architecture has practically not changed over the centuries. Dubrovnik's Old Town has been a…

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