Abbotsbury Swannery

Abbotsbury Swannery
Swans, Dorset

Visiting Abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset We have visited Abbotsbury Swannery twice; first time at the end of March and the second time in the beginning of May when new swans and other birds just have had the first new babies born. Either of visits were nice and we would go there again even just to have a nice walk around and enjoy this peaceful relaxing place in a company of of these amazing creatures. The Swannery was established by Benedictine Monks in 11th century where they farmed the swans to produce food - how practical! They say that the Abbotsbury…

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Scottish highlands

Scottish highlands
St Andrews

Harry Potter After spending several days on the Isle of Skye, our next destination was the Scottish Highlands. On the way from Mallaig to Fort William we were observing exciting scenery of an old railway. Its track starts at Britain's highest mountain, Ben Nevis, passes through the westernmost railway station Arisaig, then passes the deepest freshwater lake Loch Morar, and finally stops near Loch Nevis, Europe's deepest seawater lake. The total length of the railway track is 135 kilometres (84 miles). The train itself, which runs on these tracks, became very popular because it was used for making movies about…

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Around Isle of Skye

The first morning on Isle of Skye On the next morning after arrival on Isle of Skye we had an early walk towards coast (not to mention that the coast is almost all around). The path led us to the nearest bay, discovering beautiful view to small local harbour where many fishing boats were parked. Such an amazing and quiet early morning scenery for our first day of holidays! The biggest surprise upon arrival to Skye late evening and also later driving around Isle of Skye was observation that almost all roads are very narrow with frequent passing places. Of…

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Isle of Skye

Scotland and amazing beauty of its islands While living in London, I had many conversations with Brits about Scottish islands, especially about Isle of Skye. Almost all of them new about Isle of Skye, although not many of them had visited this beautiful island located in the north west of Scotland. Perhaps, because it is so far away from the UK - more than one thousand kilometres. Although, the nature of the Isle of Skye is so unpredictable that you newer know either you may enjoy nice holiday or weather conditions would challenge all way through while you are there.…

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Oxford and Brighton

English cities The United Kingdom is a country, which you can visit many times and every time you will discover something new. The same applies if you are London. Just to mention that London contains 4 (!) UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Tower of London, Kew Gardens, complex consisting of Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret's Church, and Greenwich. On this page there are just two very short episodes from many visits outside London, although we have visited many English cities; more blog post about those are jet to come. Oxford Oxford is one of the most beautiful…

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London – first quick look

Visiting London The capital of England and United Kingdom London has many interesting and even unique sites, but I will start with bridges. There are 24 bridges across the River Thames in London. The oldest is London Bridge, which was made from wood initially, but afterwards rebuilt in 1209, 1831 and 1973. Probably, the most famous is Tower Bridge, which was built in 1894 and is known around the world. One of the most interesting bridges, in my opinion, is Millennium Bridge what is pedestrian bridge, connecting St. Pauls Cathedral and Tate Modern Art Gallery. Very beautiful scene appears if…

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