Central Scotland Stirling, known as the coronation place of the Scottish kings, is located in central Scotland. It is often called the gateway to the Highlands, because the famous region of the Scottish Highlands begins not that far from there. The city is one of the most popular tourist destinations and in the past has even been the capital of Scotland. Stirling was established as a royal city in 1130, although people have inhabited in this area for about four…

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Scottish highlands

st andrews
St Andrews, Scotland

Harry Potter After spending several days on the Isle of Skye, our next destination was the Scottish Highlands. On the way from Mallaig to Fort William we were observing exciting scenery of an old railway. Its track starts at Britain's highest mountain, Ben Nevis, passes through the westernmost railway station Arisaig, then passes the deepest freshwater lake Loch Morar, and finally stops near Loch Nevis, Europe's deepest seawater lake. The total length of the railway track is 135 kilometres (84…

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Around Isle of Skye

The first morning on Isle of Skye On the next morning after arrival on Isle of Skye we had an early walk towards coast (not to mention that the coast is almost all around). The path led us to the nearest bay, discovering beautiful view to small local harbour where many fishing boats were parked. Such an amazing and quiet early morning scenery for our first day of holidays! The biggest surprise upon arrival to Skye late evening and also…

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Isle of Skye

Scotland and amazing beauty of its islands While living in London, I had many conversations with Brits about Scottish islands, especially about Isle of Skye. Almost all of them new about Isle of Skye, although not many of them had visited this beautiful island located in the north west of Scotland. Perhaps, because it is so far away from the UK - more than one thousand kilometres. Although, the nature of the Isle of Skye is so unpredictable that you…

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