Swiss chocolate and cheese

Swiss chocolate and cheese
Valley, Lac Leman

Swiss chocolate This post is related to our trip to Switzerland in early spring. Who hasn't dreamed of being in a chocolate factory? Swiss chocolate industry is something similar to fashion houses in Italy or champagne houses in France - there are kind of chocolate houses in Switzerland. Our Swiss chocolate tour was booked at Cailler Chocolate House (Maison Cailler). This brand has been owned by the Nestle Group for a while now, however it has managed to preserve its…

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Spring in Switzerland

Spring in Switzerland
Lac Leman

Spring in Switzerland, where we arrived from France with a car rented at Baden-Baden airport, was in full swing. Geneva lake Lake Geneva is the English name of the lake, which we mostly use. In French, the lake is called Lac Léman, but in order not to make life boring, the lake also has a German name - Genfersee. The lake is one of the largest in Europe, about 60% of which belongs to Switzerland, the remaining 40% to France.…

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Easter in France

Easter in France
Easter Alsace

Jump to: Alsace Strasbourg During spring, after a short rest and relaxation in the Baden-Baden baths in Germany, we decided that it would be nice to spend part of Easter in France; we decided to visit one of the most famous cities in the Alsace region, Colmar. Alsace Alsace is the fifth smallest of the 27 regions of France, at the same time one of the most populous - 220 people per square kilometre. By comparison, the population density in…

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Short break in Germany

Short break in Germany
Tulips on Mainau island

Jump straight to: Baden-Baden Mainau island Photographs Sun, flowers and spring We arrived at Baden-Baden Airport late in the evening to start enjoying our short break in Germany. A taxi took us to the Gasthaus Linde (address: Yburgstraße 79, 76534 Baden-Baden); it is located in one of the towns around Baden-Baden called Steinbach. We were greeted by the owner of the guest house; he knew about our late arrival and offered to postpone check-in until the next morning, so we…

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Alps, Provence and Rocamadour

French Alps and Provence Everybody has some opinion about France. We have been in France many times, however most exciting was our three weeks long trip around the country in August of 2007. The first part of it was visiting French Alps and Provence, afterwards continuing trip to exceptionally nice town of Rocamadour. This part of the trip (especially before arrival to French Alps and Provence), apart of mountains, was mostly related to food and wine. The second part of…

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Paris and Versailles

Basilica of Montmartre and the Palace of Versailles We reached Paris before midnight and luckily found our hotel in Montmartre with a little stumble. Many visitors of Paris choose this area because of its location. Although, after sunset the surrounding area does not look very safe and touristic. We had booked Hotel Montmartrois (6 Bis, Rue Du Chevalier-De-La-Barre) because it offered good price for double rooms (nothing special, but good enough to stay in convenient location). Nearest site of interest…

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Western France

This is the next part of travel notes about our „tour de France” trip in 2007. This part of the trip started on the Atlantic coast of France. Living on the Atlantic coast of France In the afternoon, we reached Cap Ferret what separates the Bay of Arcachon from the Atlantic Ocean. We had booked bungalow in Camping les Viviers to stay three nights there (this is a large and very busy high class 4-stars camping resort and should be…

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South of Norway

Visiting south of Norway To have a short break in June, we went to Norway for a few days. After landing at Oslo airport, we picked up our pre-booked car from airport car rental office and started our trip. We were lucky that instead of smaller car we were upgraded for free and got an excellent Volvo V40 - very nice welcome to Norway! We were thinking about visiting south of Norway a long time and finally did it. And,…

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