From Riga to London by coach and train

After a trip from Riga to Berlin by coach and from Berlin to Brussels by train, we woke up at the hotel in Brussels in the morning of the third day of our trip from Riga to London. Our Eurostar high-speed train was scheduled to leave in the afternoon, so we had breakfast without any hurry and then spent our time lazy on the ground floor of the hotel. Brussels Brussels is the capital of Belgium, although it often means…

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From Riga to London by coach and train

This was the second day of our trip from Riga to London. On the first day we were travelling by coach from Riga to Warsaw and after midnight we continued our trip to Berlin. In the morning, around 5am, just before crossing the German border, the bus stopped at a gas station and the passengers had an opportunity to leave the bus for at least 15 minutes and stretch their legs. We arrived at Berlin's Am Funkturm on Masurenallee coach…

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Mainau Island

Mainau orchids

Sun, flowers and spring Next morning, after the usual grey April day in Riga, we were awakened by the rays of the sun - our break in Germany have begun exceptionally well! From the window we had a fantastic view towards vineyards and all kinds of flowering shrubs and trees; we felt like on a real spring holiday! Our plans were to visit Baden - Baden and at the end of our trip to visit Mainau Island. To enjoy these…

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One of our most loved destinations - Iceland So far, we have only been in Iceland during the winter. And we love all about it - snow, ice, glaciers, wind, lava fields, geysers and especially sunny days and Northern Lights, which we have been lucky enough to enjoy. Along with Norway, Sweden, Finland, Faroe Islands and Denmark, Iceland belongs to Europe's Nordic region. Iceland is a volcanic island and lies on the border between Eurasian and North American Tectonic Plates;…

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Swiss chocolate and cheese

lac leman
Valley, Lac Leman

Swiss chocolate This post is related to our trip to Switzerland in early spring. Who hasn't dreamed of being in a chocolate factory? Swiss chocolate industry is something similar to fashion houses in Italy or champagne houses in France - there are kind of chocolate houses in Switzerland. Our Swiss chocolate tour was booked at Cailler Chocolate House (Maison Cailler). This brand has been owned by the Nestle Group for a while now, however it has managed to preserve its…

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Spring in Switzerland

geneva lake
Lac Leman

Spring in Switzerland, where we arrived from France with a car rented at Baden-Baden airport, was in full swing. Geneva lake Lake Geneva is the English name of the lake, which we mostly use. In French, the lake is called Lac Léman, but in order not to make life boring, the lake also has a German name - Genfersee. The lake is one of the largest in Europe, about 60% of which belongs to Switzerland, the remaining 40% to France.…

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Easter in France

easter in france
Easter Alsace

Jump to: Alsace Strasbourg During spring, after a short rest and relaxation in the Baden-Baden baths in Germany, we decided that it would be nice to spend part of Easter in France; we decided to visit one of the most famous cities in the Alsace region, Colmar. Alsace Alsace is the fifth smallest of the 27 regions of France, at the same time one of the most populous - 220 people per square kilometre. By comparison, the population density in…

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Short break in Germany

mainau tulips
Tulips on Mainau island

We arrived at Baden-Baden Airport late in the evening to start enjoying our short break in Germany. A taxi took us to the Gasthaus Linde (address: Yburgstraße 79, 76534 Baden-Baden); it is located in one of the towns around Baden-Baden called Steinbach. We were greeted by the owner of the guest house; he knew about our late arrival and offered to postpone check-in until the next morning, so we went to relax immediately after arrival. Baden - Baden Short break…

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