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Czech glassworks and Zoo Dvur Kralove

Czech glassworks

novosad glassworksVisiting Czech glassworks and zoo were parts of our trip to Bohemia, Czech Republic. Our first destination before arrival to camping Dolce Vita was small ski resort village Harrachov.

We visited there Novosad & Son factory located there (address: Harrachov 95, 512 46 Harrachov, Czech Republic) – the second oldest glassworks in Czech Republic, founded in 1712. Since foundation factory is active and now also offers guided tours for visitors to find out how glass and crystal is produced and processed.

It is possible to see glass furnace, glass blowing, crystal polishing and other processes. They are producing traditional hand-made free-blown, cut and hand-painted glass. After this really educational and attractive tour, you can have a lunch or dinner as well as taste local beer in Pivovar Novosad restaurant located just besides glassworks.

glassworksRestaurant offers both traditional Czech and international cuisine with a wide selection of beer specialities. All together, we spent about four hours in Harrachov and continued our way to camping.

I should mention that surrounding area near Harrachov is very nice; road is crossing mountains cowered by wood with beautiful landscapes all around.

Visiting Zoo Dvur Kralove and safari

zoo dvur kraloveOn our third day in the Czech Republic, we decided to spend our day visiting Zoo Dvur Kralove (address: Stefanikova 1029, 54401 Dvur Kralove nad Labem). This is a pretty large zoo (territory 6.5 hectares), with a lot of exotic animals and attractions such as safari, aquarium, tropical swamp, dinosaur world, open-air aviary and many more.

Because of very well planned good territory it was convenient to observe animals and birds in this zoo. Ticket prices were as follows: adult – 4 euro, child – 1.6 euro, dog – 2 euro (once again, we were happy that it was allowed to enter zoo together with our dog).

If you are in this part of the Czech Republic (Hradec Kralove region), I would definitely recommend to visit this zoo, planning enough time (at least 4 hours) for this visit. It is interesting and entertaining both for children and adults.

Other famous tourist sites in Czech Republic

This is nearly all about this particular tree-day trip, however there are a lot of another nice places to visit in Czech Republic – Prague, Kutna Hora, castles and monasteries, famous resorts etc.

Large number of sites located in Czech Republic (especially, if comparing to the territory which is not so large at all) are included in UNESCO World Heritage List, e.g. Historic Centre of Prague, Kutna Hora, Gardens and Castle at Kromeriz and many more (12 sites in total). So, anywhere you go, it is possible to find something interesting. There is a good website for tourists visiting Czech Republic available.