czech lake and camping

Spring in Bohemia

In the very end of April we went for a quick few days long trip to the Czech Republic. Perhaps, the most famous destination of the Czech Republic is its capital Prague, however Nord-Eastern part of the country, region of Bohemia, is very exciting and attractive because of mountains and local traditions.

bohemia lakeWhole Bohemian region covers about two thirds of the Czech Republic. We had plans to visit factory producing glass and crystal according to the old traditions, a local brewery (Czech beer has been always tasty and of high quality), spend some time hiking in mountains near Adrspach and to find something else interesting in the area.

Camping near Trutnov

Before arrival, we found on Internet and booked camping Dolce Vita near town Trutnov (address: Dolce Vita, Oblanov 37, 54101 Trutnov, Czech Republic). Camping offers apartments in cottages located near lake.

Camping is located about two kilometres away from the main road, however it is easy to find it. Cottage itself was not very well maintained, however price was good for value and surrounding area of camping is quiet and, as we found afterwards, very beautiful providing relaxing atmosphere.

National Park Adrspach – Teplice Rocks

The next day after arrival, we went to the National Park Adrspach. Adrspach is a village in the Hradec Kralove region; Giant and Eagle mountains of this region have been widely known from Roman times and even before. The village is divided into the administrative areas of Dolni Adrspach (Lower Adrspach) and Horni Adrspach (Upper Adrspach).

National Park Adrspach and the area around it is well known for Adrspach-Teplice Rocks (also, Adrspach Rock Town or Adrspasske skaly in Czech language). We planned the whole day to spend there.

Bohemian Paradise

bohemian paradiseAs we had our pet (dog) with us, it was really nice to find out that it is allowed to visit this site taking pets with you (ticked, however should be purchased for your small companion too).

The rocks are really impressive! They are very popular for rock climbers; we saw some of them on the top of rocks. This area is among the most beautiful natural features of the Czech Republic, also called the Bohemian Paradise.

There is the main entrance near Teplice rocks, although rock town in reality begins in about two kilometres from the entrance. Before visiting rock town, we went to the nearby lake to enjoy beautiful landscape around it. There are good trails everywhere in the park around lake but in the rock town most of pathways are even covered with asphalt.

If you are not too lazy to climb up the hill using steep rocky trail and wait a bit in a queue, there is a short but attractive boat trip available in the park (ticket should be purchased separately before boarding, although it is definitely worth to try it).

Adrspach Rocks have status of national nature conservation area, guided tours are available as well. Adult ticket for entrance costs about 2.5 euro, child ticket half of it, family ticket (2+2) costs about 6 euro; entrance for dog costs a bit more than 1 euro.

Dinner in a guesthouse

After whole day spent in Adrspach, we went back to camping but before arrival enjoyed nice supper in Trutnov. This was very family friendly restaurant in guesthouse Penzion Porici, which is located just outside of the town centre.

I can recommend this restaurant if you want to have tasty meal without rush in a quiet atmosphere. We even came back for the second time there and were completely satisfied again about their food and service delivery.