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Destinations on this blog

A little bit about our travel destinations here. So far, we have visited fifty different countries and two states in the USA since 1997.

geneva lakeOf course, there are many more we would like to visit, however that is what we were able to afford timewise taking into consideration that both we are working full time. It means, we tend to arrange shorter trips two or three times per year.

A couple of times we were able to go for a trip, which lasts from three weeks to almost two months – those were to France, Japan and South-East Asia. Living in different countries, for example, Scotland and England, we have been exploring those countries much more of course. So there may be much more blog entries dedicated to some particular countries – this is all now in progress starting from summer 2020.

Our approach

Shopping street in Glasgow

We would normally not return to a place we have already visited, although there are a number of countries we have visited more than once. For example, such travel destinations as Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Morocco, Croatia and Austria are on this list. Those are not always necessarily large countries, however every region may be significantly different and offers new unexpected discoveries.

This travel blog contains only a small portion of locations we have visited because I started writing first travel notes occasionally only after 2005 and, after some efforts, stopped doing it. In the meantime, I was contributing to Google maps with more that 250 reviews and ratings; my photographs have almost three and a half million views as of October 2020. So, here on this blog are some notes written a while ago, although all those have been updated in 2020 as much as possible.

Hope you will enjoy reading this blog and find something useful for yourselves. Enjoy simple pleasures of life!