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Basic facts about Eastern Europe

On this blog, Eastern Europe includes such countries as Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic and Russia (European part of it) and excludes Balkan countries (for example, Montenegro, Croatia), which are allocated to the Southern Europe region on this blog. Technically, Eastern Europe is the eastern part of the European continent, however there is no strict definition of what countries belong to the eastern Europe.

prague panoramaAll these countries are geographically located in the eastern and central parts of Europe and all of them have similar political heritage, long time being under an influence of the Soviet Union in twentieth century.

This has rather been drawing border between western and eastern parts of Europe historically than geographically (for example, the United Nations Statistics Division includes Baltic countries, as well as, UK and Ireland, in Northern Europe region). So, the major factors taken in account regarding countries located within Eastern Europe region on this blog are rather of historical, cultural, and socioeconomic background.

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Spring in Bohemia

In the very end of April we went for a quick few days long trip to the Czech Republic. Perhaps, the most famous destination of the Czech Republic is its capital Prague, however Nord-Eastern part of the country, region of Bohemia, is very exciting and attractive because of mountains and local traditions. Whole Bohemian region […]