Basic facts about Eastern Europe

bohemia lakeOn this blog, Eastern Europe includes such countries as Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic and Russia (European part of it). All these countries are geographically located in the eastern and central parts of Europe and all of them have similar political heritage, long time being under an influence of the Soviet Union in twentieth century, drawing border between western and eastern Europe rather historical than geographical. This is the major similarity regarding countries located within Eastern Europe region.

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Spring in Bohemia

In the very end of April, 2009 we went for a quick few days long trip to the Czech Republic. Perhaps, the most famous destination of the Czech Republic is its capital Prague, however Nord-Eastern part of the country, region of Bohemia, is very exciting and attractive because of mountains and local traditions. Whole Bohemian […]

New Year’s Eve in Saint Petersburg

Trip planning At the very end of 2011, we decided to meet the coming 2012 in a different and quite unusual atmosphere. Guess, how and where would you get more impressions and emotions as usual? And – it should not be too far away from your home. As we lived in Latvia that time, almost […]

Black Sea coast of Bulgaria

Coast of the Black Sea After visiting monastery, we continued our way to Burgas (see more about our whole trip to Bulgaria and Bulgarian wine). Burgas is the second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast after Varna. Between Plovdiv and Burgas we saw lots of newly established vineyards – the view was really […]

Around Lithuania

This was one of our corporate trips and before departure we spent a lot of time to make it happen successfully. During two days accompanied by friendly colleagues we decided to visit a number of exciting sites in Lithuania and spent time together in eastern part of Lithuania. About one month we spent for preparation […]