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View from Agadir Inoumar

Agadir Inoumar

Many of you may know Morocco’s coastal city Agadir, however there are many places in Morocco with a name agadir. In general, name agadir in Berber language means wall, enclosure, fortified building. Those usually were used as granaries and storage of other different kind of goods.

About Agadir Inoumar

agadir wallsThere are lots of these old buildings all around Morocco, although most of them are almost collapsed and forgotten. One of these buildings, Agadir Inoumar, was our destination during our trip to Morocco.

We were told by people living in Morocco to go to visit Agadir Inoumar. At that time we did not have any idea about where are we going to see. We just got some guidance regarding route to go. Have to mention that often Google maps are useless in Morocco; I even contributed by drawing a new route after we returned from this trip, however, for some reason, it was not accepted by Google.

agadir inoumar
Agadir Inoumar

After our visit we got excited about this topic and we found a good article about Berber Granaries of Morocco – it may be worth reading it if you fancy to visit one of them.

Getting there

There is very good recently built road if you wish to visit Agadir Inoumar, which is located near Afaïane; precise coordinates of Agdir Inoumar are 30.163274, -9.108826. If you drive from Taroudant, there is only one place where driving might be a bit difficult when you have to cross a riverbed near Ciments du Maroc plant (coordinates: 30.196085, -9.176542). Here is the major part of the route on map; after you reach the end of the route in Chtouka, simply continue towards east; although not marked on Google maps, the road is excellent. Similarly, when you arrive from Agadir.

low atlas sceneryNormally, there is no water in this river, although, after a heavy rain, you may not be able to cross the river here at all as bridge has collapsed some time ago after very heavy rain. Arrival from Agadir via Biougra and Imi Mqourn (R105) must always be completely safe – you would not have to cross the river as you just pass it.

Visiting site

You may park your car near to the site and will have to walk about two thousand feet (600 metres) downhill towards south- west; you will not see it from the parking (parking place coordinates: 30.166697, -9.107983; it is not an official parking, just a place you may leave your car).

agadir insideLarge part of Agadir Inoumar has recently been renovated and well preserved. There is guide (does not speak English) who would show you around the place and explain about its usage and history (with our very little knowledge of French we got some understanding).

After visit, you may wish to leave some 50 MAD for guide’s assistance and entry in to the site. There is still a lot to be done and they would welcome your donations (there even was well equipped WC on site what came as a real surprise for us). They also have Agadir Inoumar website where you may find some additional information in English.