Visiting Prague

Visiting Prague will provide you with huge positive experiences. Prague  definitely is the most visited touristic site of the Czech Republic. We have been there a number of times and never were bored. Visiting Prague and Czech Republic Czech Republic, also called Czechia, is a country in the the Central Europe, although, due to its 20th century history it is classified  here rather as belonging to Eastern Europe. Czechia has borders with Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Poland and its land…

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This is the next blog about our Morocco trip in 2020 during COVID lockdown. After visiting Agadir, Paradise Valley and Taroudant, we went to Tafraout to spent the rest, or at least the major remaining part, of our trip in Morocco until we get a chance to travel back home. Lockdown in Morocco Although we were in quarantine near Taroudant for two weeks and had a document allowing us to go outside, our arrival was not straight forward at all.…

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After visiting Agadir and a nice walk in Paradise valley we continued our trip as planned to Moroccan city Taroudant. However, we had quite different plans in comparison with what we ended up with. First time in our lives, we had to go to quarantine due to COVID lockdown. Good news is that we had booked very good comfortable (and expensive) guesthouse just a few miles from Taroudant city centre. It was booked for three nights, however we spent there…

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Spring in Switzerland

Spring in Switzerland
Lac Leman

Spring in Switzerland, where we arrived from France with a car rented at Baden-Baden airport, was in full swing. Geneva lake Lake Geneva is the English name of the lake, which we mostly use. In French, the lake is called Lac Léman, but in order not to make life boring, the lake also has a German name - Genfersee. The lake is one of the largest in Europe, about 60% of which belongs to Switzerland, the remaining 40% to France.…

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This is the first post from series about our trip to Morocco in 2020. It was planned as a ten days long holiday, however we ended up with being under lockdown for almost three months due to COVID first wave restrictions. We could have stayed there even longer but fortunately British Embassy in Morocco helped us to get back to the UK on one of their organised rescue flights early in June. Arrival to Morocco We arrived at Agadir Al-Massira…

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Plymouth is a coastal city located on the South coast of England between Devon and Cornwall. It has a population of about 260 thousand people being relatively small city; it got city status in 1928. We decided to visit Plymouth because of two major reasons - Plymouth Gin Distillery and National Marine Aquarium. I shall say straight away that as it appeared, Plymouth is even nicer than we could imagine - it looked very clean and cosy, people we met…

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Southern Italy

Southern Italy Visiting Southern Italy was one of the most psychologically difficult journeys. Why? Hard to even say. Perhaps, the approaching winter, the self-sufficiency of the Sicilians, the harsh climate of Sicily and the landscapes around with territories delimited. In any case, we had hoped for more than we experienced visiting several regions of the country. We decided to go to Sicily later again to understand this and experience more olive oil, pasta, and pizza. And who knows what else.…

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Easter in France

Easter in France
Easter Alsace

Jump to: Alsace Strasbourg During spring, after a short rest and relaxation in the Baden-Baden baths in Germany, we decided that it would be nice to spend part of Easter in France; we decided to visit one of the most famous cities in the Alsace region, Colmar. Alsace Alsace is the fifth smallest of the 27 regions of France, at the same time one of the most populous - 220 people per square kilometre. By comparison, the population density in…

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