Easter in France

Easter in France
Easter Alsace

Jump to: Alsace Strasbourg During spring of 2012, after a short rest and relaxation in the Baden-Baden baths in Germany, we decided that it would be nice to spend part of Easter in France; we decided to visit one of the most famous cities in the Alsace region, Colmar. Alsace Alsace is the fifth smallest of the 27 regions of France, at the same time one of the most populous - 220 people per square kilometre. By comparison, the population density in Latvia according to 2020 data is less than 30 inhabitants per square kilometre, while in the United Kingdom…

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Short break in Germany

Short break in Germany
Tulips on Mainau island

Jump straight to: Baden-Baden Mainau island Photographs Sun, flowers and spring We arrived at Baden-Baden Airport late in the evening to start enjoying our short break in Germany. A taxi took us to the Gasthaus Linde (address: Yburgstraße 79, 76534 Baden-Baden); it is located in one of the towns around Baden-Baden called Steinbach. We were greeted by the owner of the guest house; he knew about our late arrival and offered to postpone check-in until the next morning, so we went to relax immediately after arrival. In the next morning, after the usual grey April day in Riga, we were…

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Paris and Versailles

Basilica of Montmartre and the Palace of Versailles We reached Paris before midnight and luckily found our hotel in Montmartre with a little stumble. Many visitors of Paris choose this area because of its location. Although, after sunset the surrounding area does not look very safe and touristic. We had booked Hotel Montmartrois (6 Bis, Rue Du Chevalier-De-La-Barre) because it offered good price for double rooms (nothing special, but good enough to stay in convenient location). Nearest site of interest in a walking distance from the hotel we visited next morning is the Sacred-Heart Basilica of Montmartre (la Basilique du…

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New Year’s Eve in Saint Petersburg

Trip planning At the very end of 2011, we decided to meet the coming 2012 in a different and quite unusual atmosphere. Guess, how and where would you get more impressions and emotions as usual? And - it should not be too far away from your home. As we lived in Latvia that time, almost the only option we figured out was visiting Saint Petersburg in Russia. Saint Petersburg, some call it also the Venice of the North, was chosen as our destination because it is often described as the most Western city of Russia. Perhaps, it is most western…

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Oxford and Brighton

English cities The United Kingdom is a country, which you can visit many times and every time you will discover something new. The same applies if you are London. Just to mention that London contains 4 (!) UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Tower of London, Kew Gardens, complex consisting of Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret's Church, and Greenwich. On this page there are just two very short episodes from many visits outside London, although we have visited many English cities; more blog post about those are jet to come. Oxford Oxford is one of the most beautiful…

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Marrakesh in Morocco Capital city of Morocco is Rabat, which is located 324 kilometres northeast from Marrakesh. It would take three and a half hours to reach Marrakesh by car from Rabat. Marrakesh in Morocco is the fourth largest city. Instead of coming from Morocco's capital by car, we landed at Marrakesh Menara Airport in June 2015. It was direct flight from Glasgow by EasyJet; cost of return flight per person was about £145 and pre-arranged taxi pick-up from airport to the city around £15. We spent about a week in Morocco that time. In 2015, Marrakesh was named by…

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Towns and cities in Switzerland

This was our first ever European trip. During summer of 1997, we began preparation; it was necessary to get visas for Germany and Switzerland. We decided to share all travel-related expenses with our friends - another family couple, studied all available road maps; there was no widely available GPS applications that time and mobile phone looked like piece of brick in 1997. All that made this trip unique and to be remembered forever. Other interesting details - all photographs were taken using the 35 millimetres film camera but videos filmed using Super VHS mini camera; we borrowed one from friends…

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Pskov, Pushkin, Tsarskoye Selo and Saint Petersburg

Travel to Russia by car One of the most challenging tasks before visiting Saint Petersburg was planning of our first day in Russia because you never know how much time you may have to spend to cross Russian border - it may take from two up to 6 or even more hours. We planned our route in a way to arrive at Estonian - Russian border crossing checkpoint Luhamaa very early in the morning (around 5 AM). This was right decision because we spent four hours to fully cross border and started our trip in Russia around 11 AM Moscow…

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