Swiss chocolate and cheese

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Valley, Lac Leman

Swiss chocolate This post is related to our trip to Switzerland in early spring. Who hasn't dreamed of being in a chocolate factory? Swiss chocolate industry is something similar to fashion houses in Italy or champagne houses in France - there are kind of chocolate houses in Switzerland. Our Swiss chocolate tour was booked at Cailler Chocolate House (Maison Cailler). This brand has been owned by the Nestle Group for a while now, however it has managed to preserve its…

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BBQ sauce

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Barbeque burger sauce Without a doubt, sauce is one of the most important components of a meal - either for meat or non-meat dishes. If the sauce is homemade, that would ensure even more satisfaction. There are tons of different recipes available on the internet to be used on various occasions. In this case, below is a recipe of barbeque grill sauce, which you may use for homemade burgers, salads and so on - my little contribution towards making meals…

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Italian cooking classes in Rome

This experience was part of our trip to Italian capital city Rome. After returning from our one-day long trip to Vesuvius, we had one more major attraction booked - cooking classes in Italian restaurant. Almost everybody around the world knows Italian food. Italian cuisine has been developing since ancient times and has spread around the world until nowadays. One of the main characteristics of Italian dishes is that it is usually simple to prepare a meal because just a few…

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Cooking classes near Marrakesh

When visiting other countries, we always try to familiarise ourselves with local cuisine, at least as much as possible. One way of doing this is visiting local restaurants, though it is even more exciting if there is a possibility to prepare food ourselves. It appeared that Morocco offers visitors to enjoy cocking classes; this is both an adventure and getting new useful skills of preparing Moroccan food. Moroccan food In Morocco, we booked a cooking class near Marrakesh - FAIM…

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Seafood specialities in Montenegro

Seafood in Montenegro During our vacation, we obviously enjoyed a lot of seafood in Montenegro and local wine of course. Especially, we were excited about buying fresh seafood on the shore from fishermen and preparing our (not anymore their) catch at home. In my opinion, there are more tasty oysters in neighbouring Croatia, however the taste of mussels from Bay of Kotor outperforms many regions offering similar production. In local warehouses it was possible to buy different kind of seafood…

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