Painted rocks

Painted rocks near Tafraout One of the most exciting attractions near Moroccan town Tafraout are Painted rocks. Those are series of mountain rocks in a large mountain valley painted in different contrasting colours. Initially, rocks were painted in 1984 by the Belgian artist Jean Vérame who also painted rocks in other countries, for example, in France, Egypt and Chad. Before visiting Painted rocks, we red a number of negative reviews on internet regarding this place. The reason of criticism was…

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Paradise Valley

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Paradise Valley

After spending a few days in Agadir we were ready to go to our next destination in direction of Tizgui. We had booked an accommodation in a small hotel in mountains near Paradise Valley for a very good price - Hotel Restaurant Tifrit (coordinates: 30.599090, -9.497355). Honestly, we were very keen to move out from Agadir as it already was clear that Morocco is going to total lockdown because of COVID and we had a feeling that it should be…

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Around Tenerife

When we were planning our trip to Tenerife, we already knew that around this time there is an annual Tenerife Carnival, which is the second largest in the world after the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. After visiting Loro Park, we went to the centre of Puerto de la Cruz to see what was going on there. And it was really impressive! The city streets were full of people in carnival costumes; fun, joy and music was all around. So, we…

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Mount Etna in Sicily

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Mount Etna, Sicily

Visiting Etna volcano was a part of our trip to southern Italy and Sicily. Location and basic facts Mount Etna is an active volcano located in the eastern part of the largest Italian island Sicily, near Catania city. As many other active volcanos, it is located in the area between two large geological plates, Eurasian Plate and African plate in this case. Etna is active almost all the time. Height of Mount Etna is 3350 metres (10,900 ft) above the…

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Alps, Provence and Rocamadour

French Alps and Provence Everybody has some opinion about France. We have been in France many times, however most exciting was our three weeks long trip around the country in August of 2007. The first part of it was visiting French Alps and Provence, afterwards continuing trip to exceptionally nice town of Rocamadour. This part of the trip (especially before arrival to French Alps and Provence), apart of mountains, was mostly related to food and wine. The second part of…

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Spring in Bohemia

In the very end of April we went for a quick few days long trip to the Czech Republic. Perhaps, the most famous destination of the Czech Republic is its capital Prague, however Nord-Eastern part of the country, region of Bohemia, is very exciting and attractive because of mountains and local traditions. Whole Bohemian region covers about two thirds of the Czech Republic. We had plans to visit factory producing glass and crystal according to the old traditions, a local…

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Central Italy

Rome, Umbria and Vesuvius This was short trip, together with friends, to Umbria and Vesuvius in the second part of November. We arrived to Rome by plane. In advance, we agreed rent of apartment in the centre of the city. Apartment was located just a few hundred meters from Vatican City, river Tiber and very close to many other attractions. A few days after arrival, we rented a car to reach another points of interest outside of Rome - Vesuvius,…

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Norwegian fjords and waterfalls

Driving to the west of Norway Soon after visiting a church in the south of Norway, we started to look for some camping (more on camping in Norway in my previous blog). Our plane arrived in Oslo in the afternoon and it was not possible to reach our next destination Lysefjord before midnight (there are about 400 kilometres between Oslo and our destination, no highways available). Generally speaking about Norway - it is like Scotland in terms of surrounding landscapes…

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