This is the next blog about our Morocco trip in 2020 during COVID lockdown. After visiting Agadir, Paradise Valley and Taroudant, we went to Tafraout to spent the rest, or at least the major remaining part, of our trip in Morocco until we get a chance to travel back home. Lockdown in Morocco Although we were in quarantine near Taroudant for two weeks and had a document allowing us to go outside, our arrival was not straight forward at all.…

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Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley
Paradise Valley

After spending a few days in Agadir we were ready to go to our next destination in direction of Tizgui. We had booked an accommodation in a small hotel in mountains near Paradise Valley for a very good price - Hotel Restaurant Tifrit (coordinates: 30.599090, -9.497355). Honestly, we were very keen to move out from Agadir as it already was clear that Morocco is going to total lockdown because of COVID and we had a feeling that it should be…

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This is the first post from series about our trip to Morocco in 2020. It was planned as a ten days long holiday, however we ended up with being under lockdown for almost three months due to COVID first wave restrictions. We could have stayed there even longer but fortunately British Embassy in Morocco helped us to get back to the UK on one of their organised rescue flights early in June. Arrival to Morocco We arrived at Agadir Al-Massira…

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