skye seal

Around Isle of Skye

The first morning on Isle of Skye

skye bayOn the next morning after arrival on Isle of Skye we had an early walk towards coast (not to mention that the coast is almost all around). The path led us to the nearest bay, discovering beautiful view to small local harbour where many fishing boats were parked. Such an amazing and quiet early morning scenery for our first day of holidays!

The biggest surprise upon arrival to Skye late evening and also later driving around Isle of Skye was observation that almost all roads are very narrow with frequent passing places. Of course, there also are wider roads, although the narrow ones are predominant and you should note that when planning trips around Isle of Skye. It may take a way more time to get from one place to another because you may have to stop at many passing places wait for oncoming cars very often. Good news is that traffic intensity on Skye is not that heavy as on average in the UK.

Dunvegan Castle

dunvegan castleOur first major trip on Skye was visiting Dunvegan Castle and gardens located in the north-west of the island. Dunvegan Castle (MacLeod estate) for centuries has been and still is the home of MacLeod’s clan. When we visited it, the price for visiting both the castle and gardens was at £7.50 for an adult.

The gardens are beautiful, however the castle surprised as too. Dunvegan Castle is the longest inhabited castle in Scotland; MacLeod family has been living there almost for eight hundred years! Since 1933, castle is open for public and visitors may found out details about clan’s history and its relation to the history of whole Scotland. All rooms open for public were really well presented and exciting.

Visiting seals

seal boatsAfter visiting the castle and gardens, we followed signs towards the coast to visit a colony of seals living on smaller islands nearby. There are boats waiting for visitors on the coast to bring you over to the colony. It is common to expect seeing some wild animals during this kind of adventure trips, however what we got was a way more than we were expecting! Hundreds of seals were lying down on the islands and swimming in water – amazing view. Boats were navigating between islands and sometimes seals came very close to our boat, just a few metres away from us. Apart of seals, there also were many seabirds all around. Seals did not look much bothered about our visit and all of us enjoyed the trip very much.

Visiting Skyeskins

sealAfter enjoying visiting seals, we continued our trip around Isle of Skye. The next destination was a small village Waternish. There is located local business Skyeskins (address: 17 Lochbay, Waternish, Isle of Skye, IV55 8GD), which deals with processing sheep skin using old traditional methods.

We had guided tour in a small skin processing workshop showing us whole cycle of sheep skin processing. After the tour, we visited factory shop where you can buy very nice sheep skins; all of them are of very high quality and we bought one which we are using up to now.

Scottish oysters

castleThe village we stayed is known for catching oysters. So, we had to taste them and bought a dozen in the local shop. As usual, we came to the point that ousters in every place are different. Those on Skye still are one of our favourites. And of course, it is very important that oysters you get are really fresh and locally produced.

Hiking on Trotternish peninsula

After a few days on Skye, wed had our last major event of going around Isle of Skye – hiking on Trotternish peninsula. Trotternish peninsula is located in the north of Skye; it was about 120 kilometres away from the place we lived on Skye. On the way there, we passed the biggest town on Isle of Skye Portree, visited Kilt Rock, which is another iconic place of Scotland.

skye gardenKilt Rock is basalt rock and its name comes from its similarity to kilt. After visiting Kilt Rock we continued our way to Rubha Hunish walking paths to have good hiking experience and to look at Duntulm Castle. In fact, those are ruins of Duntulm Castle located near northern seashore of Skye.

It is hard or even impossible to describe the beauty and wilderness of the peninsula. This day was one of the most emotional days not only on Skye but during all our visits in different countries. What is the most interesting here is that after four years we moved to live  Scotland what we were never expected before and even after this trip.