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Around Switzerland

autumn alpsAutumn trip to Switzerland

This is one of the parts dedicated to our trip to Switzerland in early November. Almost immediately after crossing German border towards Switzerland, we recognised first mountains. We enjoyed this beautiful landscape for the first time in our lives – that was so amazing!

However, we still had way to go and the next short stop was near Geneva lake; it was even more impressive – huge lake on one side and mountains all around. Autumn colours of trees made this landscape even more beautiful and enjoyable. During next days there were planned two different trips – one to capital of Switzerland Bern, another trip to mountains (3000 metres above the sea level!) to get even more extreme experience.

alpine landscapeAs we had accommodation in French-speaking part of Switzerland, it was interesting to visit Bern as it is located in German-speaking part. Old Town of Bern is listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site since 1983. Sightseeing was really interesting.

We settled in small sky resort Leysin. It was a bit surprise that there was no snow around on the top of mountains. As it appeared later, that year was widely known for lacking snow. However, our goal was to travel around and this obstacle did not bother us much.

Visiting mountains

autumn in alpsAnother impressive experience was visiting Glacier Les Diablerets, located 3 kilometres above the sea level. Cold wind, clouds above and below with impressive alpine landscapes around – beautiful and stunning! It was very convenient and also interesting to have a lunch in Botta Restaurant.

Coming down from the top, there was an incident – mountain lift stopped over a deep gorge. Probably, it was caused by lack of electricity, who knows. Feeling was not the best one during five or even more minutes because strong wing was swinging the cable car. Even a company of climbers started to be nervous after some time but fortunately the problem was fixed soon after and we continued our way to the parking place.

Italian part of Switzerland

alpine landscapeEvery trip should finish sooner or later. Because Switzerland has also Italian-speaking part, we decided to visit it before coming home. After crossing mountains through the tunnels, it was another world again – road signs in Italian, cliffs around, very high waterfalls coming from cliffs.

After driving a while, we reached Lugano. In the beginning, it was even difficult to adapt to the surrounding activity – people speaking, sport cars passing, loud ducks in the lake, palm trees on the streets. But in general, it was very nice place to enjoy the life!

lake luganoLate in the afternoon, after sightseeing in Lugano, our trip to Switzerland was almost over and we started our way back home. One last night we spent in Switzerland but on the next day, before arriving to Germany, we made a short stop in Lichtenstein.

It is a common thing that after visiting beautiful place there is a wish to return again; we actually did that a number of times afterwards. For myself, most fascinating thing was to see how majesty of nature is combined with human creations. For example, highway viaducts over gorges, buildings on cliffs, very long mountain tunnels and simple asphalted mountain roads sometimes hanging over abyss.